The Sona Pushkar Project is a non-profit organization founded to support disadvantaged families living in tents in the desert of Pushkar (Rajasthan – India). By means of education, employment and primary life needs the project helps these families to escape the intergenerational cycle of poverty and improve their living standards.

The Sona Pushkar Project sends children, growing up in absolute poverty, to the local school. They provide After School Programs in the project center ‘The Blue House’. In addition, the project employs the parents and supply basic life needs such as monthly food and shelter.

Promotional video published across Bluehouse project socials.

  • “Marcel visited my NGO Sona Pushkar Project in 2019 and made a documentary that I use on all social media platforms and my website. The video gives a perfect overview of the main purpose of the project. What is great about Marcel’s work, is that he spent a few personal days with the families and children who live in extreme poverty. The interest he had in the families and the personal connections he made with the children shine through in the video. Besides the realistic capture of the daily lives in Pushkar, the editing and use of camera techniques is very professional. The video is all I had in mind and more!”

    Jaira Sona Chin